Thrifty-Pull cable and harness
What is Thrifty-Pull cable and harness Cable and how can it help you become more profitable?
Thrifty-Pull is a multiple conductor cable that is custom assembled and printed to your precise job specifications. Thrifty-Pull comes twisted or straight, with your choice of binding. It arrives on the job site pre-spooled, pre-tagged and bundled, ready to be pulled. No mess and no waste.

Every Thrifty-Pull Cable is custom-made in exactly the length, configuration and wrap style you specify. Cable run numbers can be marked on the reel flange so you'll know exactly what reel you need for a particular part of the job.


Thrifty-Pull cable and harness saves you time.

Because Thrifty-Pull is already cut to length, wrapped to your requirements, pre-tagged and labeled with sequential footage tape, all you have to do is pull. The laborious, time-intensive ring-out process (wire by wire) is eliminated.

Thrifty-Pull helps prevent costly errors and on-site hassles - all conductors are clearly marked  with custom markings at no extra cost. White print available for dark wires for easy reading. Intervals between markings are 2" unless you request otherwise.

See Cost Comparison Chart

Clearly, Thrifty-Pull cable and harness means fewer man-hours, reduced costs and greater profits.

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