Thrifty-Pull cable and harness

Customer saves OVER 37% on project. Compare your costs TODAY!
Thrifty-Pull custom control cables and assemblies install faster and eliminate downtime.

Example: Pulling Singles vs. Thrifty-Pull  Wire Assemblies - On one 650' run between two machines and the master control panel, requiring 47 #14 AWG THHN wires

   Pulling Single Wires Thrifty-Pull
Custom Assemblies

Wire Cost

$ 987 (32,900 ft. @ $30/M-ft)
(47 cond. x 650 ft. plus waste)
$2206 (650 ft 47 cond. 14 awg)

Labor Cost

$4053 (135.1 hours @ $30/hr)

Hours Breakdown:

Measure/Order: 2 hrs
Set-up/Tag/Pull: 124.3 hrs
Terminate: 3.8 hrs
Ring Out: 5 hrs.

$945 (31.5 hours @ $30/hr)

Hours Breakdown:

Measure/Order: 4 hrs
Set-up/Pull: 23.7 hrs
Terminate: 3.8 hrs

Job Cost

$ 5040 $ 3151

This represents a savings of over 37%!
This is for comparison only. Actual prices may vary.

Thrifty-Pull is UL and CSA Listed. All assemblies are built to your specifications. You specify wire type, gauge, color and stranding -  building wire, electronic cable, coax cable, fiber optic too! We print the alpha-numeric ID of your choice every 2" on each conductor. Each assembly comes with a continuous, sequential footage tape and is factory-bound with strong resin bonded nylon.

Thrifty-Pull products provide many advantages including smoother and faster pulling, error-free terminations, one reel set up, and no tagging or ring-out required.

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